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Small boat CaptainThe Small Boat section consists of approx 8 to 12 boats at present.
We normally fish one match a month with respect to our Summer League and Winter League. All launches are done on the beach at New Brighton for all our forays, however we hope this can now be changed as we now have access to launch at Hall Road in Crosby when the weather allows.

In order to get a permit to launch at New Brighton all skippers have to pass their RYA Level 2 and produce their Boat Insurance and Vehicle Insurance on a yearly basis to Safewater Training, at a cost of £52.00 (at the moment).
Although Sefton Club rules say all small boats HAVE TO CARRY FULL INSURANCE AND MINIMUM 1 MILLION POUNDS THIRD PARTY LIABILTY, Wirral Council insist you also have the RYA Level 2.
Although you can launch using a normal car it is advisable to have a 4wd vehicle for safety.
The dinghy captain will have had sight of all original insurance policies at the beginning of each year.
Safety in the water is one of our main priorities and to that end we always try to go out with at least 2 boats in case one breaks down. A CG66 form should also be completed by each skipper to send to the Coastguard at Crosby giving details of who to contact in case of an emergency.

As the emphasis is on mainly pleasure fishing we never fish for money and always operate a Catch and Release policy. Species Hunts are run on a mutual trust between each boat, if you do decide to cheat the only person you will be cheating is yourself. We do the odd foray to North Wales and further and some of us do fish the Rosslare Small Boats Festival every year, which is run by Phil Hallsworth from the Wirral Small Boat Club - an absolutely superb week in Ireland for all concerned.

We welcome all new boat owners with open arms provided they adhere to our club rules and don’t bring the club into disrepute whenever we are out fishing.
Come along and see for yourself if you want, remember we are all learning about boats and fishing and are constantly passing on new hints and tips to each other whenever we can.. There is always something else to learn no matter how many times we go out - nobody knows it all no matter what they say!

Tight Lines

Keith Gray

Small Boat Captain, 2008/2009

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